Who We Are

Locally Owned

Amazing Windows and Doors, a locally owned and operated business, was originally established in Kenner, Louisiana in 1998 offering a large selection of windows, doors and other building products to contractors and homeowners.

Two Years Later

One New Orleans Dealer's Amazing Grace.  Amazing Windows & Doors isn't just helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.  It is itself a victim of the storm and its devastating aftermath. The roof of the Metairie, La., building flew off during the storm, leaving the company's entire inventory exposed to pounding winds and rainwater. Standing water rose above filing cabinets and computers, wiping out years of records and a six-month-old remodeled showroom... More

Our Exterior Wood Doors


One of the greatest appeals of wood is the fact that no two pieces look exactly the same. You do not have to settle with the "cookie cutter" feel offered by other uniform building materials. Grain patterns and color vary widely, adding texture, warmth and personality.

Simpson gives homeowners the freedom to take full advantage of this reality. We offer a broad range of species, each with its own distinctive character. Some of our popular species are shown below. If you have a more exotic type of wood in mind, please contact us for details.

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Available Styles...

Douglas Fir
The Simpson name has been synonymous with fir doors since the beginning. Clean lines and warm coloring give our vertical grain Douglas Fir doors an enduring appeal.

Thanks to its widespread use in Victorian furnishings, Mahogany is associated with elegance. A reddish-brown color and close grain pattern make this an ideal choice for creating a rich, sophisticated environment within your home.

Western Hemlock
Western Hemlock is often used interchangeably with Douglas Fir, depending on the region of the country. It is characterized by a lighter, creamier color that accepts a variety of stains.

Eastern White Knotty Pine
Looking for doors that will give your home a rustic, comfortable feel? Our Knotty Pine doors can help accentuate a casual or country style with their characteristic tight, close knots and light color.

Warm up your home with the understated look of poplar. Compared to other woods, poplar has a relatively uniform texture, with a fine to medium grain. The color tone can range from yellow brown to an olive green. Poplar can be stained and is often used when a very smooth paint finish is required.

There is a nearly universal appeal to maple; it is equally at home in Colonial or contemporary settings. Maple is light in color. In some instances, hard Maple may have curvy, birdseye or fiddleback configurations that add visual interest.

Red Oak
Homeowners have long appreciated the striking, open grain of Oak, as well as the rugged durability of the species. Our Oak doors display an image of timeless appeal and enduring strength.

Nothing matches the smooth, satin texture of Cherry. The wood is reddish brown in tone with a fine, straight grain. Frequently used in high-end furniture, Cherry is a natural choice for upscale living.

Knotty Alder
Knotty Alder has the strength of maple and the personality of pine. The wood is light brown in color with yellow and peach hues. Stains can further highlight the beautiful grain. The open, solid knots give Alder a more informal presence.


You never get a second chance at a first impression, and we think your exterior doors say a lot about you. We also think exterior doors should complement the architectural style of your home. That’s why all of our 400+ door styles are available in exterior grade. With TruStile, you never have to sacrifice style for function. All exterior doors receive our exclusive TruBolt™ system to ensure that the structural integrity of the door will last a lifetime.

  • Available with 20-minute fire ratings
  • All doors come with a limited lifetime warranty

Enhance the beauty of any entrance with a distinctive wood door. Our exterior wood doors come with weather-resistant, engineered components. Doors are available in 14 standard wood species.