Who We Are

Locally Owned

Amazing Windows and Doors, a locally owned and operated business, was originally established in Kenner, Louisiana in 1998 offering a large selection of windows, doors and other building products to contractors and homeowners.

Two Years Later

One New Orleans Dealer's Amazing Grace.  Amazing Windows & Doors isn't just helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.  It is itself a victim of the storm and its devastating aftermath. The roof of the Metairie, La., building flew off during the storm, leaving the company's entire inventory exposed to pounding winds and rainwater. Standing water rose above filing cabinets and computers, wiping out years of records and a six-month-old remodeled showroom... More


At Amazing Windows & Doors, we offer skylites from Velux.

 Residential skylights
VELUX offers a complete system of complimentary products and accessories for any solution.

The VELUX product design delivers bright natural daylight and easy installation to any space.

 Commercial Skylights
Daylighting through the roofs of commercial buildings provides many benefits that no other light source can offer.

 Solar Water Heating Systems
Reduce your monthly utility bill, and your family's carbon footprint on the world.